Creativity is in my genes. My father is a painter, known as Razzi. As such, he is the one who opened the doors to the art world for me.

I was given all the opportunities and chances in my childhood that I could wish for. In 2019, I graduated in Free Visual Arts from Maris Stella in Malle. In this final year, the idea of EYBE was born and I never let that go.

Shortly afterwards, EYBE was launched custom: canvases gave way to trainers and clothes.

‘The rest is history.’

The term ‘EYBE’ is certainly not far fetched either. I was given the original first name: Anna-Bo. As unique as it is, it is certainly not international in tone either. In English, I quickly introduced myself as ‘Hi, I am AB.’

So EYBE is a phonetic derivation of my first name in English. International attitude and ambition always went hand in hand.

Instagram: @eybecustom

Mail: anna-bo@eybecustom.com

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    Anna-Bo Nuyts