Is the paint water resistant?

Yes! When the custom sneakers are delivered, you can be sure that they are completely weatherproof. What does this mean? You can wear them through rain and wind. They were treated with a very strong varnish that does not allow moisture to pass through.

What is the price of custom sneakers?

As the name already suggests, the price of custom products is adjusted and is not fixed.

You will have custom sneakers for between € 100 and € 200 (excl. the price of the sneakers themselves). So you can decide for yourself whether you lower the price by going for a cheaper pair of sneakers or whether you opt for the classic ‘Nike Air Force 1’ model. The design of the customs determines the price. If you keep the design simple, the price starts at 100 euros. This increases with the level of difficulty.

How long does it take to order custom sneakers?

The average waiting time is 4 weeks. This can fluctuate between 2 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks.

Keep in mind that everything is made by hand. The theoretical design, physical design, the creation itself and the shipping are all done by one person.

Can I have a logo customized on my sneakers?

Logos of cars, figures such as Winny The Pooh and others have copyrights on the designs. So not all designs can be painted freely. Do you have a specific question? Then be sure to ask me!

How do I maintain my custom sneakers?

Treat your custom sneakers with care. You don’t need any special products to polish customs. When the midsole or your sneakers are dirty, try to clean these as quickly as possible with a wet cloth and a small amount of product. Products that are gentle enough that we recommend:

  • The pink Stuff
  • Crep cure
  • Dreft

Custom sneakers are not washing machine safe!

Can you have every shoe customized?

Some important factors when choosing the right sneaker:

  • Genuine leather sneakers or good quality plastic are the best choice. Think of all the major sneaker brands.
  • Shoes with a textile, suede or plastic finish cannot be customized.
  • All sneakers at EYBE Custom are purchased from Nike. If you want an exception in the design phase, please let us know!